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There are plenty of date ideas in Denver that you can put together at the last minute. These are simple and allow you flexibility in terms of how long the date lasts. Whether you are seeing someone you have been dating for a while or going on a first date, these ideas are sure to be fun for both of you.

Take a Walk

If you want to explore the city and have the chance to really talk to your date, taking a walk is a good idea. You can head to a local walking trail to add some nature to your date or simply walk around the city. If you walk around the city, there are plenty of places to stop in, such as museums, shops and restaurants, to add to your date and enjoy more activities together.

See a Live Band

Music is something that everyone enjoys and it is always easy to find a live band playing in the city, especially on the weekends. In most cases, there are live bands at bars so you can just walk in and do not have to worry about things like getting tickets in advance. You can look up local bars online and see if they are hosting a band for the evening or simply walk around and look for a bar with live music.

Grab a Drink

Whether you prefer adult beverages or coffee, there is always a place to grab a drink and spend time chatting with your date. Consider a place you do not normally go and make it more fun by choosing drinks outside of your norm so you get to try something new. This is ideal for a first date since it can be short or long, depending on how much you are enjoying each other's company.

See Some Art

Denver is a very artistic and creative city, so there is always some art that you can immerse yourself in. Check out a local gallery or take in a weekend art walk. Both give you the chance to learn more about local artists and expand your knowledge of art. You can also do something like make your own art with your date. For example, many community centers and some galleries provide the chance for people to come in and paint or make pottery. This is done under the direction of an artist helping you to create. In some cases, you do not need a reservation and these events also often provide things like drinks and a small meal.

All of these date night ideas are flexible and inexpensive. You get a here chance to talk to your date and share in a fun and exciting experience.

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